Blue Dragonfly Designs

About Us

Welcome to Blue Dragonfly Designs! 

Our story started in 2017 when close friends started teaching Katrina how to create customized vinyl tiles, she knew right away that she found not only a new skill and hobby but something that she was passionate about.
Together, Rio and Katrina dreamed of being able to find a way to bring awareness to a rare autoimmune-type disease known as Behcets Disease, and yet be able to raise funds for teenage suicide prevention.
We have named Blue Dragonfly Designs after those who live with Behcet Disease, who often refer to themselves as “The Blue Dragonflies”, and for every order purchased we donate a portion of the profits to teenage suicide awareness, prevention and education. 

We are thankful you are taking a moment to look at our customized creations. Please feel free to ask questions, comment or hit us up with an idea for your custom tile, shirt, sweats, beanies, hoodies, or QR Codes.